Sunday, August 31, 2008

poetry everywhere

Saw two really great films from Iran today at the film festival. I love Iranian films! Every year I make a point of seeing an Iranian film and I am never disappointed. The first one, Be Calm and Count to Seven, was a film shot on video which gave it a documentary feel. Quoting the schedule blurb: a lyrical portrait of a remote Persian fishing village where smuggling of consumer products - and people - has changed the traditional way of life. The second film, The Song of Sparrows, by the great Iranian film director Majid Majidi (who directed The Children of Heaven), was a particular favourite of Jerzy's and mine. I loved it for its poetic images, glimpses into everyday life, and humanistic message. But what does my image above have to do with the film festival? Well, nothing really... On the way home from the film festival, we stopped at the company that Jerzy works for so he could check on the plants! While he lovingly watered the bananas (which have made their way to the office cafeteria because they outgrew our ceiling at home), I poked around outside with my camera and was attracted by the tree shadows. Et voila! A photo montage!


lynne h said...

oh my, i loved 'the children of heaven'... both of the movies that you saw sound wonderful, and i love their titles.

kate, as usual your montage is fantastic. the contrast of the wall with the wall and sky shots is very, very cool.

and i'm smiling thinking about jerzy, caring for his plants. i think i've already said it once, but i'll say it again. he's my kind of person...

notmassproduced said...

three cheers for Jerzy! i think someone who goes into work on his day off to water the palnts - knows what's important in life. This has made my day :o)

and how did you do the photo montage with the beautiful tree shadow photos?

and the Iranian films sound wonderful :o)

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate!

You really set me off on a journey! I am in blog heaven via links and links, what a lovely new world. I am trying to get 7 blogs together in order to pass on the award and it is so difficult to chose.

I really love these pictures you took, isn't it just marvellous to make do with what is there? You took the moment and the space you were in and used it. My compliments!


Jeane said...

I agree with Jo that seeing the world through your eyes without tricking it out is very inspirational. The photo of Jerzy watering his plants is wonderful.

Robyn said...

Kate, have you always carted your camera around with you or is it only since blogging? I find I'm taking my camera everywhere now which is something I never used to do. I love your montage.

Jo Horswill said...

These Iranian films sound interesting...will look out for them!!! Love how you and Jerzy have a favorite Iranian film!
Kate the colours in your montage and image are really crisp and all the shadow play & the blue sky up against the light fence...I tell you girl, we must be on the same wave length, you & I :)

Uschi said...

Hmm, something has eaten my comment, I believe. Did'nt I tell you already, that I love this post for it's harmony of "being a couple"
that you express here!

kate said...

lynne...if you loved Children of Heaven, I'm sure you would have loved this one as well. Majidi has a gift for storytelling and visual poetry. Glad you liked the montage. I liked the blue and the creamy colour of the wall together. Jerzy is blushing about all the comments concerning him! He doesn't like to be in the spotlight!

kate...yes, Jerzy does know what is important in life. He gets a lot of pleasure from nature and gardening is his form of stress relief. As for my montage, I do them in Microsoft Publisher and then save them as a jpg document. If that makes any sense. There may be a better way of doing it but I haven't figured it out yet.

jo...taking the moment and space you are in? Hmmm, that sounds like something you do. And you do it so well!

jeane...without tricking it out? Not sure of your meaning here. Do you mean not using any editing tricks? If so, that is true. I admire people who do amazing things in Photoshop with their images, but personally, I prefer to shoot it like it is through my simple eyes. I like that photo of Jerzy watering the plants too. I like the reflection of the brick wall making "rays" on the photo.

robyn...good question. And the answer is that yes, it is blogging that has prompted me to carry my camera around everywhere. Before that I only brought it along for special events or if my main purpose was to take photographs. Blogging has changed the way I do things!

jo...after seeing your wonderful lacy shadow photos recently, I'd say we are definitely on the same page. That happens a lot doesn't it!

uschi...I don't know what happened to your comment but I did receive this one and I thank you for it. So sweet of you to point that out! I never thought of it this way.