Thursday, August 28, 2008

i love your blog

Isn't this music to a bloggers ears! Shayla Perreault Newcomb honoured me with this award and I am so very delighted. Shayla, I love YOUR blog! Thanks so much for this acknowledgement. I am touched! Now I will pass it on to other award-worthy bloggers! Here are the rules:
  1. Please put the logo on your blog.
  2. Link the person from whom you received your award.
  3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
  4. Put the links of those blogs on your blog.
  5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them!

There are so many blogs that I love and visit regularly. This list of nominated blogs includes some great blogs that maybe you haven't discovered yet. I nominate:

  1. jeane at art it...because of her hilarity and the documented progress of her amazing artwork
  2. uschi at papierwelt...because of her gentle approach to art and life
  3. thinker online...because of his thought-provoking quotes on art and philosophy
  4. kathy at waking up...because of the inspiring way she delves into self and art
  5. arnold at the butterfly effect...because of his sensitive and compelling black and white photography
  6. jo at ...because of the beauty and spareness of her images and text
  7. diana at please sir...for her evocative studies of art and science


please sir said...

Wow - thank you so much! What an honor - I really appreciate it. You just made my week - thanks again.

Jeane said...

Serious? - two honors in one week from you! I have just crawled out of bed and trying to infuse myself with very dark coffee after a martini propelled night of playwrights, so will need time to think about this and I would most certainly have nominated your blog but apparently Shayla beat me to it! Uh oh, how do I put that logo on my blog? Help please! oh and check back my way after 9am for the Kate Strickland inspired post - I wrote it last week and it's on one of those scheduled posty thingys...xxo

lynne h said...

kate, there are lots of us who love your blog!!! congratulations!!

thinker said...

Thanks Kate, I am honored.
Have a nice day!

kvk jewelry said...

Congratulations to you, new blogging friend, well deserved for your inspiring work, images and text.

Goodness, and I am very honored as well. It's reassuring knowing my posts are for more than just me - although, I have to say, it is good therapy.

with gratitude and many blessings - kvk

notmassproduced said...

hooray :0) and well deserved - now I'm off to check out the new fodder you've supplied us with ;O)

Jo Horswill said... well deserved. :) You are my daily...always:)
...and some new amazing links to go and have a look at! Where does it all end!!!

Jeane said...

Hey Kate - I figured out the tech part of this and will post my nominations in a few days -thanks so much

kate said...

diana...the honour is mine!

jeane...I laughed and laughed at your kate-inspired post! Hilarious! humble thanks! your blog! Have a nice day yourself! that you spread that therapy around! I have really related to many of your posts. Here's to unabashed dreams!

notmassproduced...happy foddering! Not a verb, I know. But seems to make sense here. At least to me. :)

jo...from one daily to another, thanks!


Uschi said...

Oh Kate, thank you so much!
A big big hug for your way of focusing on the world and its details!
You deserved this prize so much and I'm really honoured to get it from you!!
You'll find my answer in a view days!

kate said...

uschi...your award is well deserved! Thanks for the hug...I'm bouncing!

Arnold Layne said...

Thanks so much for the nominations kate, I'll make sure to put up mine when I get more time. :-)

kate said...'re very welcome. Take your time! No hurry!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kate!

How exciting to find out who takes peaks and to receive this award. As soon as I decide who I would like to pass it on to I will gladly do so.

The biggest pleasure about the nomination for me was finding out about your work in turn, I am truly thrilled!

All the very best from

kate said...

Hi Jo! Nice to see you here. And danke schön for your kind comment. Whenever I need some calm and a pared down perspective, I go over to your blog. May I put a link from my blog to your blog?

Shayla said...

Great list, Kate. I'm enjoying some new blogs.

Jo Stocker said...

Dear Kate!

Thank you!

Oh but of course you may link to my blog!

Infact I am so enjoying your blog this very minute (all the archives) that I have already linked your address to mine and assume you are d'accord...

Do have a lovely weekend.


kate said...

shayla..glad to introduce you to some new blogs. I'm a bit like you in my blog introverted-ness. I tend to stick to my familiar ones. But it's always a treat to discover another kindred spirit out there! are officially linked now!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kate
Finally, I have passed on the award, thank once again!