Thursday, August 21, 2008

fig family

A few from among the hundreds of fig leaves of the 20 fig plants that Jerzy has nurtured for 15 years and counting...all from the same seedling. The family hangs out in our driveway in the summer months and in our basement over the winter. We even get a few edible figs!


Joanna said...

Nature has such perfect rhythm and movement and you've captured that in your photographs. Really nice!

Jeane said...

Hi Kate.....another morning presented with beautiful photos....these are lovely....and I did get your email last night, but won't be back to that computer until later tonight, so will answer properly then and yes, I would be honored to be linked to your blog....rain here...dismal summer

lynne h said...

these photographs are *so* beautiful, kate! i think you're just kidding about not knowing anything about about cameras besides leaving them on auto!!

and your jerzy is impressing me a lot.

notmassproduced said...


Robyn said...

What do you mean "in our basement over the winter"? Are the plants in pots?


I didn't know a fig tree could be grown in a pot I've only seen huge ones growing in peoples gardens.

Uschi said...

Figs are among the plants with most beautiful leaves!!
Since I slept under one in Portugal I love them. And it's delicious to try their fruits from the tree, when they're really ripe.
Great you get some edible ones up there in "the North".
Have you got bananas, too? The organic ones often have seeds ;)!

Shayla said...

I love those lush, green shots. It's so beautiful when the sun makes leaves glow.

I've got an award for you over at my blog :)

Jo Horswill said...

These are stunning images Kate...Oh the light is beautiful.
My father has old fig trees in his garden. I have spent many a time, under those tree's with him, talking, picking and eating...great memories, your images conjured up for me!

kate said...

joanna...thanks! One of my favourite always has something for me. are officially linked!

lynne...cameras:no, composition:maybe. :)


robyn...ooops. Maybe I wasn't clear on that. yes, they are all in pots!

embellisher...the ones in our pots aren't as huge as others I've seen or the one that uschi slept under :)

uschi...believe it or not we did have bananas. They grew so high that they hit our (low) ceiling and we had to give them away. But once we got a tiny banana fruit. A mini banana!

shayla...thanks so much for the award! I'm going away tomorrow and won't be back for a few days so I will pass it on when I get back. So honoured!

jo...your father's figs sound wonderful. I think those old fig trees have very old souls.

Arnold Layne said...

I love how in the first two photos, the vines seem to connect - you have a great eye for photographing nature.

Doe Grozs Art said...

I'm linking around from links from the Altered Page... but I had to share about the figs. My grandfather brought it over from Italy. We inherited it and from this tree, we've shared, giving shoots from it to so many other people. It gives an abundance of figs every year.. a gift from grandpa :-)
I've got a load of pictures which may be deep into my blog, but I'll have to blog about it soon.. thanks for the inspiration!
Looking forward to eating them...

kate said...

arnold...I love that you noticed the linking of the two vines. Coincidence? I think not! nice to see you on my blog! Thanks for visiting. I will have to delve deep into your blog to find those photos of your grandfather's fig tree - all the way from Italy! I love that they keep giving by way of cuttings and figs. By the way, I love your mandalas. Rich in colour and imagery!