Sunday, August 17, 2008

running stitch

Inspired by a post at million little stitches, I am posting an image of a sample I did awhile back using the running stitch on japanese paper. I love the simplicity of the running stitch. Subtle and elegant.


notmassproduced said...

yes i agree - all your work is subtle and elegant :o)

lynne h said...

those red circles are perfect... i too love running stitch (well of course)-- it's perfect on this paper.

Jo Horswill said...

Kate, this is so delicate.
The technique itself of stitching paper is delicate to do.
We must be on the same wave length with the "Japanese Paper" thing!
Thanks for the link, will probably spend a 'million little minutes'
looking at it!

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the design and the dash of colour in the centre, Japanese paper, must give it a go.

kate said...

notmassproduced...thank you for the sweet words.

lynne...I love it on this paper because it puckers so beautifully and delicately when you apply just the right tension.

jo...yes, I saw your posttoday. We are on the same wavelength! Hope you spend many happy millions of minutes on embellisher's blog!

ro...compared to your colourful work, that dash of colour is quite economical, but quite a bit of colour for me!

please sir said...

Lovely stitch! Thank you for your wonderful comment on my work - I really appreciate it!


Kate thanks for linking to my work.That's an interesting composition must try some running stitches on difernt types of paper.....a paper quilt....hmm

Robyn said...

Just perfect!

kate said...

please sir...nice to see you on my blog! Thanks for the comments and I look forward to visiting you again. I haven't forgotten about those x-ray inspired pieces. I will get to them eventually. Your x-ray piece was so evocative.

embellisher...thanks for visiting and thanks for the inspiration. I will be back to you to admire all your wonderful stitchery! And maybe a paper quilt!