Wednesday, July 1, 2009

the draw

Happy Canada Day! As I write this I am hearing fireworks in the distance...or is it thunder? We've had a bit of a rainy day here.

As promised, I have done my Nevr-Dull draw and the lucky winner (picked out of the hat by Jerzy's neutral hand) is Ronna!

I couldn't be more pleased that Ronna is the winner...for several reasons. She is the person who encouraged me to do a blog, so winning my one-year anniversary draw is very fitting. The draw took place around the topic of artist trading cards and she is the person who organizes our ATC meetings and publishes ATC Quarterly. In fact she traded for - and now owns - one of the artist trading cards that were featured in my last post (the Buster Keaton one). And, last Fall, I attended a home art show and sale of her ceramic work and won her draw, so this is truly fate at work. Congratulations Ronna!

As promised I will take my wad of Canadian Tire money (the wad you see below totals exactly $17.20) and go buy a nice shiny can of Nevr-Dull for you...and I expect to see some Nevr-Dull ATCs somewhere down the line!

Thanks to all who kindly left comments for me. I will do my best to keep the posts coming and look forward to future comments!