Sunday, August 3, 2008

hudson street fair

The street fair was a great success. Despite forecasts of rain, the weather held out until about 90 minutes before official closing time. The streets were full of people and the artist demonstrators at Mouche Studio Gallery were kept very busy sharing our techniques. There was a music festival going on as well and we were close enough to one of the stages to hear some great music. A fun day!

Hudson is a town of about 5000 people so our two main streets are not that big. This is one of them, blocked off for the street fair.

Me at my booth demonstrating my cast paper techniques. Got a bit of a sunburn!

Melissa and her mosaics. Is that a nipper in her hand?

Joanna with her funky safety glasses and her trusty torch forming a glass bead.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I really wish we had something like that going on in my would be soooo fun!

Glad to hear that it was a smash :o)

lynne h said...

it's so nice to see you! and i'm happy to read that the street fair was a success!

i've been trying to find out how you make your pictures 'clickable'... i can't find it, but surely it will reveal itself soon...

Uschi said...

This looks so good and happy!!
Hej Kate, I like your shoes;)

Jo Horswill said...

Oh Kate...what a thrill to see your beautiful smiling face...and you are wearing orange, just gorgeous!!!
Loved the photo's of the other artists too!
I would have had a front row seat, at your demo.
I have to do one next Feb at our exhibition, on printing techniques!!!
Glad your day was a success :)

Vanessa said...

OH I wish I could have gone. I just love street fairs. It brought back a fond memory of when I used to go to one held annually on the beach where I lived...sighhhhhh. I wish I could live there again. Someday.

Ronna said...

Wish I had made it to the street fair. Next year I want to come for sure!!
And loved the shoe post!!

kate said...

all...thanks for your comments. It was a lot of fun.

uschi...was wondering if anyone would notice my shoes :)

jo...yes, I was in an orange mood that day! Good luck with your demo in February.

Shayla said...

Very cool photos, Kate! It sounds like your town is supportive of the arts. That's great to see.

Hee, hee! Very wise choice of shoe.

Robyn said...

Darn...I wish I could have been there to meet you properly and watch the demo. It looks like you had fun. Glad it was a success.