Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tool tuesday: bone folder

I love my bone folder. I use it for creasing, scoring, smoothing, burnishing, and working materials into tight corners. I use it to score paper before tearing it. I use it in bookbinding to make nice crisp creases in my pages. I burnish with it when I'm doing an image transfer. I probably use it for a lot of other things which I can't remember right now. It's a versatile tool. It has a polished surface and feels smooth to the touch. It has a beautiful shape. It's light and fits into my hand nicely. It also fits easily into my pocket. I love my bone folder. And it loves me.


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I have never heard of a bone folder before.....thanks for sharing!

Jo Horswill said...

It's true...we girls love our tools!!!
Kate, I love "Tool Tuesday".
I like your bone folder, I've been meaning to get one!
I am making 'artist books' allot more these days, and really need one of these tools. I want a beautiful finish on the folds and a bone holder will do it.
That's it...I'm going out today to find one!

lynne h said...

wow, that is one beautiful bone folder... yes, i believe i need a bone folder. i have a boxwood one, but it's not that gorgeous and the shape isn't nearly that elegant. AND bone trumps boxwood any day. i can surely believe that you love it!

R2K said...

: )

kate said...

all...thank you for your comments. Sounds like there is going to be a run of bone folders! They'll be flying off the shelves!