Thursday, July 17, 2008

happy 75th!

My Mom turns 75 today! Happy Birthday Mom!

This is a blind contour drawing of my Mom that I did for an artist trading card series. I covered the cards with black gesso and then used gel pens to do the drawings. I love the spontaneity of blind contour drawings. Sometimes you really capture the essence of your subject in all those muddled lines. And it's great therapy for someone like me who is drawing-challenged and often obstructed by perfectionism.

More ATCs. These are blind contour drawings of my two sisters, Jerzy, and my Dad.


Ronna said...

Happy 75th to your mom!
Love the ATCs.

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Well ain't that nifty, blind drawings you say.....I like that idea!

Happy Birthday to your Mom :o)

Vanessa said...

Happy BD to your mom. I am fascinated with the likeness to your mom that the blind contour drawing is!

Jo Horswill said...

Oh Happy Birthday Kate's Mum!
What a lovely face she has too.
Kate what a pleasure to see and read your post today.
I just love your ATCs.
I was just showing a friend a few days ago, the art of 'blind contour' drawing, she was so happy with her results.
You have captured so much expression in these gems of drawings...wait until those other traders see these!

Shayla said...

You've captured her likeness for sure- wow!- especially around the mouth.

Good for perfectionists, huh? Heh, heh. Sounds like a project I should take up :)

kate said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. My Mom visits this blog and I'm sure she appreciates them.

vanessa & shayla...that exact photo of my Mom is the one I referred to when doing my blind contour drawing, so perhaps that is why it bears such a resemblance. the blind contour drawings on your post today. Gratifying that I inspired you! And, I must tell you that the cards were traded many months ago to appreciative traders. I always take photographs of my ATCs.

shayla...why am I not surprised that, you, too, are a perfectionist! Another thing we have in common.

mansuetude said...

happy birthday to your mom!
Mom. Its such a large word for Love.

Perhaps you were not blind when you did that so emotional drawing--perhaps with eyes closed you were reading a map of knowledge, a map of knowing and loving another and sketching from that. I can feel so much from this.