Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I am compelled to make nests. Many things I make end up being nests, even if I don't start out with that intention. This morning I gathered up all the nests I have laying around my home. If I looked harder, I'd probably find more.

black and white photograph of a found grass nest

formed copper nest

constructed glass nest

silver nest ring

twig nest found on the ground

nest and egg made from scrap wood and shavings

copper wire nest

polaroid transfer from slide of found nest on a fence post


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The wood nest and polaroid transfer are my favorites!

Do you ever find any eggs? I found a blue robin egg once...

Megan Coyle said...

I love the variety of mediums that you used for these nests. They're wonderful!

Shayla said...

Very cool collection and a satisfying theme! I love them!!

Jo Horswill said...

Kate...I feel like nesting here!
I love the organic shape of nests, the copper and glass nests are are the others.
I love how you have them scattered around your little refuges of inspiration...just wonderful.
Once again, you have inspired me!

redredday said...

hi hi Kate. are you tired of me yet? ;). lovely collection here. love the shot of the twig nest. looking at it, i want to put it on my head or wear it somehow. looks so inviting. i wonder why you're compelled to make nests.

kate said...

Hello all...thanks for the comments.

wayfaring wanderer...I seem to find more nests than eggs, but occasionally I do come across an egg or broken egg shells. Robins' eggs are particularly beautiful. If you ever find another one, I look forward to the photo you will take of it.

redredday...I never get tired of you! Nor of your utterly fantastic work. Sorry, I can't help myself. It really moves me. In answer to your question about why I am compelled to make nests, I think it has something to do with always moving around a lot when I was a child and never feeling particularly secure or nurtured. So now I feel the need to create nurturing places of safety and warmth. To create a sense of home. My cast paper reliquaries are all tiny places of safety for vulnerable objects. Sounds a bit simplistic but has some merit I think.

Sheila said...

Your theme of nests is great and I love your whole series, in particular, the Polaroid version.

Uschi said...

Hello Kate,
I'm so happy, that you came across my site and liked it, because now I'm here and I'm really stunned!
So many wonderful things to see!
You're right, we share a lot of interests, I'm a huge seeds-fan, too and I'm a collector of strange remains.
There are lots of things here which make my brain work, so I will be back a.s.a.p. with one or the other comment:))
And a link?...Thank you!!! I will put one onto my site, too!

kate said...

uschi...thanks for your kind words. I feel the same about your site and will certainly be visiting often! Danke schon!

kate said...

Sheila...thanks for visiting! Many people seem to like the polaroid transfers so I may share more of those soon. Watch for them.

Robyn said...

I love your nest series. There's just something so awesome about nests with or without eggs. I can remember the joy of putting my hand in a nest when I was a little girl. Enchanting, mystifying...amazing.