Monday, July 28, 2008

mouche studio gallery

Friday was vernissage evening at Mouche Mosaics! Behold the yummy food we were privileged to try. I am one of about eight artists who exhibit and sell their work at Mouche Studio Gallery here in Hudson. It's an intimate and lovely space promoting the work of local artisans. It's run by Melissa Davidson who does mosaic workshops and mosaic commissions and Anne Brisson who creates papier mache sculpture, drawings, and functional art. Here are some photos of their work:

Two of Anne's "works in progress"... although I love them in their raw form.

This piece just sold!

And this "cat creature" is waiting for a home.

Melissa's mosaic mouche (fly in French)!

...and more of Melissa's stuff. Watch for her favourite tool on an upcoming "tool tuesday". Can you guess what it may be?

In addition to Anne and Melissa, there were four other artisans at the vernissage. Here are some peeks at their work:

Joanna's work

Camilla's work

Yoshiko's work

And mine!


Joanna said...

Your photos are fantastic Kate. I love the way you
have my little figures looking towards the jewellery... your photos of everyone's work is amazing....and yes, the food was delicious!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Those grape leave are making my mouth water......hmmmm.....grape leaves :)

Looks like there were all sorts of different crafters.....I love those mosaics!

Robyn said...

Great photos! I've enjoyed looking at the different pieces. I love the fly mosaic.

Jo Horswill said...

Beautiful post Kate,
Oh be still my beating heart.
What a thrill for all of you to exhibit together...some incredible work, Kate.
Yes, I love Anne's "works in progress" too, just the way they are. So vulnerable, so child like...needing a hug!
Your close up photography is wonderful, I agree with Joanna, the photo's of everyones work is amazing.

Uschi said...

this is wonderful Kate!
I especially love the expression of Anne's figures, so alife! Superbe!

kate said...

joanna...glad you like the photos and that they did your work justice. I originally had your figures to the right of your necklace but it just didn't look right so I switched it to the left, and yes, it looks like they are coveting that lovely necklace!

ww...the grape leaves were fantastic and so was everything else. My favourite was the blue cheese and pepper jelly canapes followed by the goat cheese and sundried tomato canapes. Yum...

robyn...I love the fly too. It's actually the logo of mouche studio gallery.

jo and both responded to Anne's work so you may want to know that I ran into her at our favourite art supply store yesterday and she told me that she has almost finished those "works in progress" and they have evolved into goddesses. Will post them when they are complete.

Shayla said...

Yummy! Now that's a vernissage! It sounds like you had a fun time with this group. I love the piece you submitted. Your pieces have such a meditative, peaceful quality about them.

kate said...