Thursday, July 3, 2008

jazz fest

Spent last night at the amazing Festival International de Jazz de Montreal. Pictured above is Toronto-based Shakura S'Aida, an intense and powerful blues singer full of funk and soul. She was at one of the many free outdoor concert stages and really had the crowd moving! The free concerts are always wonderful, not only because the musicians are top-notch, but because you really catch the energy and magic of the festival. My highlight, though, was an indoor paid concert (so I couldn't take photographs). I was privileged to see the sublime Melody Gardot. She's a young folky-blues, acoustic jazz singer with an old soul. I've been listening to her CD for awhile now, but nothing prepared me for her voice in person. Wow! Silky, sensual, sultry, smoky, soulful...perfection!

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Jo Horswill said...

Great Post!!! Kate, photo collage is dynamic WOW...I love it.
Melody Gardot is incredible...I sent the link to my friend Jacki Gaudion, also a jazz/blues singer...she will love her...
It would have been amazing seeing her live...there is that added dimension to live performance that you just can't beat.