Saturday, September 12, 2009

surface design on paper

Haliburton seems a lifetime away at this moment but I have rallied to post on the classes I took while I was there. The first class titled "Paper Sculpture & Collage" was all about surface design on rice and mulberry papers, which we then used to create other work. We used washes, textures, wax stamping techniques, and all kinds of media. My fellow classmates were fantastic and we had an energetic instructor (Suzi Dwor) who attempted to get us out of our heads and into action. There was lots of creativity happening and it was a very stimulating and enjoyable class. Below are some photos of our workspace, our processes, and some fragments of the papers that I produced.

My workspace. It was a challenge for me to work in a messy space. My OCD tendencies had to be put aside. The stimulation of the class was good but it was also nice when a few of us worked late in the evenings when it was quiet and the space was more manageable.

Lots of stuff and lots of stuff going on! Monica and Julia contemplate what to do next.

Our classroom in a quieter moment while everyone was at lunch but me and Janet.

Creativity happening. This was early in the game while our work stations were still relatively neat and before our papers started to take over. Patricia (in foreground) made the most lovely of papers!

My neighbour Amy managed to create such fresh pieces with her washes, while I was a deft hand at the muddy look!

Janet, Amy and Bev at the wax station. We made wax stamps and stamped our paper in a similar manner to the batik process. We soon had to move this station outside as the intense fumes of beeswax bothered many of us.

This was my wax stamp design, which you will see in some of my finished papers.

We borrowed one another's stamps and this was one of my favourites! Very musical.

We also just painted the wax on our papers using a paintbrush and a tjanting tool. Where do you think this image sprung from? Go here for a hint!

We used our papers to collage our sketchbook covers. The outside covers were supposed to represent our spiritual side while the insided covers were meant to illustrate our wild side. These are the inside covers of mine. Perhaps not quite finished and not colours I ordinarily use. The outside covers will appear in another post.

Paper fragment: mulberry paper with wax stamp, acrylic washes and oil pastels.

Paper fragment: washi with acrylic washes and oil pastel over textured surfaces - as washes were applied the paper balled up into a lumpy surface which I like.

Paper fragment: mulberry paper with wax stamp, acrylic wash and oil pastels.

Paper fragment: rice paper with painted wax and acrylic wash.

Paper fragment: Washi with oil and chalk pastels over a bamboo mat and then a light silver wash.


Jeane said...

Kate, this looks like it was an amazing workshop! wonderful post!

Jo Horswill said... were busy. I like the idea of working with wax. Janette at Contented Colour is doing allot of this work too, at the moment.
Great pics...where are you??? Jo xx

Uschi said...

Oh!! Big applause! And bounce and clap...this must have been a wonderful workshop! Your results look superbe!

kate said... was a lot of fun!

jo...there's something about wax. I must check out Janette's site! Glad you like the photos. I'm safely behind the camera :)

Uschi...bounce and clap to you too!