Sunday, September 27, 2009

backtracking 8/8: sticks and stones

And finally, the reason for our trip. The Sticks and Stones exhibition!

Welcome to Ciel Gallery.

Seems as though I'm often the outsider looking in...

Ciel Gallery owner Pamela Pardue Goode and her charming father.
My Jerzy sitting back and observing the evening.

My work and the wonderful work of Susan Springer Anderson. Followed by some of my favourite pieces from the show...

Amber Zavada

Susan Springer Anderson

Ken Knowlton

Follow this link and go to page 70 to read an article in the April issue of Today's Charlotte Woman. I was pleased to see a photo of one of my pieces and a paragraph describing my influences and my work (taken from my website I guess).


lynne h said...

kate, kate! we need to see more close-ups of your exquisite work!!!

Patrice said...

I agree with lynne. The show looks fabulous and after reading the article I just wanted more eye candy.

Jeane said...

oh Kate, what a wonderful show! and so fabulous to be included in the mag! congratulations!

frannie said...

It's been awhile since I visited your posts, Kate, but this morning I treated myself to your backtracks...what a trip! What beautiful pieces. You inspire.

kate said...

lynne...ask and you shall receive! See my next posts!

patrice...thanks so much for your comments. Nice to see you here. Keep popping in for more eye candy!


frannie...glad you have returned!