Wednesday, September 16, 2009

hammering in haliburton

My second course at Haliburton School of the Arts was a silversmithing course on the main campus (pictured above) given by the patient and respectful Todd Jeffrey Ellis, who is a great silversmith and a wonderful instructor. In my first paper course we were embracing happy accidents - welcoming them! In this course, precision, planning, and technique was everything. We spent the week hammering (sinking, raising, and planishing) to create one bowl. I worked on a second bowl in the evenings, taking advantage of being able to use the studio after hours.

I was very excited about this course because I love hammering metal. At least I thought I did! I had lots of emotional ups and downs: I am one with the metal; I am born to hammer; the metal hates me; I hate the metal; frustration to the point of tears; wait - the metal is starting to listen to me; I love the metal; I start listening to the metal; nope - it isn't listening to me anymore; or is it me not listening?; more frustration; many technical errors; metal moving well; back in love; and the saga continues... But it was so satisfying. And I love my bowls which fit perfectly into cupped hands.

My copper bowl made in class

My silver bowl made in the studio after hours

This video clip (not my forte so forgive the shaky and slightly-too-fast tracking) gives you an idea of our workspace and the constant hammering. Through my earmuffs, I found this quite comforting. All of us working together, yet apart in our little ear protection bubbles...making stuff!

Stages of my copper bowl...from a flat piece of metal to a lovely round vessel. Click on photo to get a better look.

I was a beginner but there were various levels in our class as seen by these bowls of my classmates. Everyone did a great job!


ArtPropelled said...

Oh boy, this looks amazing! I loved the video clip and all the tap-tapping. Your little round bowl is so perfect and yes I can almost feel it in my cupped hands. No wonder you are excited !

Jo Horswill said...

Kate, I always wondered how those handmade bowls were made... Both of yours are beautiful. I would imagine working with this sort of metal, would not be easy, no instant results! I like the idea of this allot...

Jeane said...

your bowls are gorgeous and I loved, loved the sound of everyone pounding away in the video!

Uschi said...

Ah old workspace-feeling comes back...thank you (I've been a goldsmith in my earlier life).
I like the shapes of your bowls a favourite and it visible how many hammering patience went into them!

Oh!! Just wanted to finish this post: the word verification is: "ableness".

mansuetude said...

love your silver bowl... the video reminds me of bronze casting classes... though the pinging sound was higher, more bell like.

kvk said...

ooohhhh - drooling over those hammers - really love hammers.
raising metal is so seductive! Your finished pieces are little treasures for sure.

lynne h said...

boy, i don't know which i like more - the bowls or all of these beautiful tools... it's close...


kate said...

robyn...I imagine you do a fair bit of tap-tapping. Or is it carve-carving?

jo...interesting observation. I tend to be attracted to processes that are time-consuming and that require patience. Although there's something to be said for instant results!

jeane...glad you liked the video. I need to take a lesson from you on the art of video! Still a bit rough around the edges.

uschi...bounce and clap! I never knew you were a goldsmith in a former life! You really get it then! And so perfect that your verification word was ableness...all is well with the universe.

mansuetude...another metal person! I like that you can distinguish between a tap and a ping. I'm still training my ear! really get it. No surprise there! A hammer-lover you are! Hugs back!

lynne...another hammer-lover. Makes me want to re-instate tool tuesday!