Sunday, September 20, 2009

backtracking 1/8: on the road

No! This photo does not depict weather conditions in Canada at this time of year! Today it's a beautiful sunny day with a temperature of 22C (72F). I'm actually backtracking a bit. I never did blog about our road trip to North Carolina to deliver my art pieces to Ciel Gallery in February/March, so I have designated the next eight days as backtracking road trip days. Every day will document a different experience on the road.

We left on February 28th. On day 2 of the journey we ran into a freak snowstorm. Being Canadians who were still experiencing winter conditions at home, we still had our winter tires on and this was no biggie for us. Not so for most people. Lots of cars in ditches and people panicking. Note Jerzy's big smile...we were listening to a station playing Blue Grass followed by Celtic music as we drove through the storm. A nice memory we won't soon forget. I think a good snowstorm brings out the creativity in people. Take a look at that snowman!

The following day we were stopped on the highway for over an hour due to a serious road accident. I took the opportunity to climb over the barrier and take some photographs while we were waiting. My most favourite activity...


Poetic Artist said...

Backtracking looks wonderful.
I see the snowman is a TN fan.

Seth said...

That last series of shots is just tremendous!

lynne h said...

i LOVE this picture of jerzy!!

kate said...

poetic have a sharp eye! He was a TN fan!

seth...thanks seth!

lynne...I like it too. We were enjoying the experience!