Wednesday, September 10, 2008

gratitude 3

I've been overwhelmed with a lot of things lately so have been keeping a low blogging profile for the past few days. My life seems to be about abundance lately. Abundance of commitments and abundance of generosity. And the generosity continues...

I recently received yet another gift. Judy, the person who previously gifted me with the lovely barnacle pictured above, has sent me some more precious items through her sister-in-law (and my friend) Carole. This time she sent me a piece of beach glass which is hollowed out (a bit like a nest!) and a cougar's tooth! Judy lives on beautiful Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and is a regular beachcomber. What inspires people to pass along these objects? And to others whom they barely know? Boggles my mind! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Judy. Karma will reward you!

A further gift arrived in the form of a Brillante Award from Terry Rafferty. It is so cool to get an award out of the blue from somebody not on your radar. Makes you wonder how many people are actually out there reading your blog! How gratifying! And the gift here, apart from the award, is that now Terry is on my radar. I have visited her blog and was blown away by her painting called Things You Can Stack. Although I am in my element doing non-representational art, I have such admiration for artists who can paint with such realism and such sensitivity. Thank you Terry for this honour. I know that according to the rules I must pass this on to 7 other bloggers but since most of the bloggers to whom I would give this award have recently already received awards themselves, I will ask people to check out the bloggers on my sidebar. They are the cream of the crop!

And then, as if I hadn't received enough attention, I was "tagged" by
Lynne to list 6 "unspectacular quirks" about myself. How fun! This is a new blogging experience for me and I will do my best to participate.

Here are the rules:
  1. Link back to the person who tagged you
  2. Mention the rules on your blog
  3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
  4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking to them
  5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged bloggers blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

OK...unspectacular quirks. Here goes:

  1. I am perceptually challenged. I can't saw or file a straight line if my life depended on it, it takes two tries to choose the correct size of container for leftovers, and I have to go through a cognitive process before I can distinguish my left hand from my right.
  2. I have an almost "idiot savant" ability to recognize the voices of narrators on documentaries.
  3. I find washing dishes extremely therapeutic and relaxing, and needless to say, I don't own a dishwasher.
  4. I'm not in time with the real world and neither are my habits. I stay in my pyjamas as long as I can, have my shower around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, and take my dog out for a walk late at night around 12:00 or 1:00 when it is peaceful and quiet.
  5. I am addicted to Coronation Street! (blush)
  6. I am a "goody two-shoes" and always follow the rules (unless, on occasion, I feel they are unfair). Not sending on the Brillante Award is a huge breakthrough for me!

And in another breakthrough, I will tag only three people! I'll stick close to home on this one. I will tag: Marlana, Joanna, Ronna. You're it! Participate only if you please!

And now as it's just before midnight, it's time to take Luka for a walk!


Ronna Mogelon said...

Kate, I have to think of 6 quirks about moi? Let me think about it for a bit before I post that one. (Hmmm...I might even have more than 6!)

Robyn said...

A cougar's tooth! Kate you are indeed lucky. It's good to take the odd break from blogging...but you were missed!

mansuetude said...

you are blessed with gifts!
I enjoy so much your 6 things--i share so many of them; especially the thing about time; voices and faces --patterns.

love to go out late to walk. People make so much noise. :)

Jeane said...

I agree with Robyn - you were missed - but what a feast when you do hit the keys again - more gifts, awards (congratulations) and a list of quirks! loved them!

Jo Horswill said...

Hi Kate,
More amazing gifts here.
That beach glass nest is beautiful.
Guess what, I don't have a dishwasher either...because I find doing the dishes therapeutic too!!! :) amazing!!!

marlana said...

It's Christmas all the time at your place! I had to laugh about your being a "goody two shoes". You are brave to share that one.

Thank you for the "quirk expose
invitation! Now, can I think of any UNspectacular quirks? Hope I can get the techno part of this challenge right.

notmassproduced said...

well i never had you down as a corrie fan - good for you in your pj's :o)

kate said...

ronna...think long and hard. I'm looking forward to your list!

robyn...lucky indeed! And yes, I needed a bit of a break but when you take a break you miss so much! Now I'm catching up! what you said about patterns. I hadn't thought about it that way before but it's true.

jeane...I loved your quirks too!

jo...and doesn't doing all those dishes give you a sense of accomplishment as well? I feel the same way about doing laundry. Another activity that I enjoy!

marlana...yes, I had to take a deep breath before I admitted to that one. I'm not happy about being a goody-two-shoes but I am what I am. But getting badder as I get older! Yay! I respond to these comments, I think to myself, good heavens what have I done! Admitted to being a goody-two-shoes, staying in my pyjamas, and watching Coronation Street. Yikes! I may have to change my name!

lynne h said...

a cougar's tooth... okay, that impresses me!! wow... it's so very beautiful...

i share quirks 1 and 4, but definitely not #3!!!

so nice to see you back blogging again!

kate said...

lynne...I thought you would like the cougar's tooth! Nice to be back!

Terry Rafferty said...

Kate, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog and Things You Can Stack.
Isn't the internet a marvelous world where we can discover so many wonderful people and the things they are doing?
Love your "quirk" list - and us goody two-shoes have to stick together! Hurray for your breakthrough :-)

kate said...

terry...yay, another self-professed goody-two-shoes! Again, your "Things You Can Stack" is a wonder to behold. Its fragility has made an imprint on my mind and no doubt will inspire a creation somewhere down the road.