Friday, September 5, 2008

gratitude 1

I have been waiting awhile to do this post. Life has been hectic and now that I've tied up loose ends, I can do what I've wanted to do for several weeks and that is to publicly say THANKS! Two weeks ago I dedicated my friday haiku to lynne and kathy and now I will tell you why!

Here is what happened: Exactly a month ago, I admired some beach glass and other treasures on kathy's blog ...I believe I said that I coveted it :)...and soon after this, I received an email. It cryptically stated that kathy and lynne felt I was in need of a goodie package and ended with a request for my address. I was stunned, excited, and curious! I awaited my goodie package, my heart brimming with affection for these two kooky and generous individuals who only recently got to know me through my blog. About a week later, I received several emails telling me that a parcel was on its way. The excitement mounted! The gratitude swelled! About a week after that, a package arrived. From california! It was from lynne. The next day another package arrived. From washington! It was from kathy. I was excited to be receiving one goodie parcel and now, it seemed, I had two. My cup runneth over!

I received lynne's parcel first, but I will relate that story in tomorrow's post for reasons that will become evident then. Today I will "open" the parcel from kathy and share its delightful contents and sentiments with you.

Her objects came in a beautifully covered tin box. It is covered with collaged copper slug tape. Meant to be applied to plant pot rims to repel slugs and snails! I must get some of this stuff. I love the textures and the colours. I could swear that I see some verdigris forming! The box is a precious gift in itself, and I appreciate the effort that kathy took in art-i-fying it!

Inside the box was a list of contents and some amazing treasures. I will highlight each group of treasures in the order that they appear on the list. Be prepared for some very cool stuff.

These are the corals. So tiny and delicate. They look bigger in this close-up but the longest is only 2.5 cm. long. I don't know much about corals but these are fascinating. Like tiny spines or bone articulations. Despite kathy's best attempts to protect them with packing during transport, they broke apart a bit, but I love them just the way they are!

And the objects that started it all! The beach glass! Aren't these pieces lovely. So many colours and shapes. Smooth with rounded edges. Each one with a warm (or cool) glow and a story. You just want to put them into your pocket and handle them.

Smooth beach pebbles with subtle texture and lines. I adore them!

These are agates. I love their transluscency. When you hold them up to the light you can see the most beautiful lines and shapes and tones within the stones.

And what a treat! One of kathy's PMC pieces! I think I recognize this particular one from this post! Second row from the bottom, third to the left! On her contents list, kathy said it was white glass fired with PMC. I guess the firing changes the white glass to this lovely honey colour. I love the contrast of the smooth glass with the textured metal. Lovely.

I hope I am right on this, but by process of elimination, these are porcelain shards. Correct me if I am wrong kathy! I loved kathy's story about hurling broken ceramics into bellingham bay years ago and wondering if some of the fragments she finds on beaches are the very ones she gifted to the sea earlier. For her poetic version of this story go to the comments in this post. I choose to believe that these shards are parts of the very pieces she threw into the sea years ago!

And here is the collection gathered together. I love these treasures and I love them even more through sharing them with you. Photographing them to share has allowed me to get to know them much better. Interacting with them, touching them, observing them, sorting them. All this has bonded me to them so I thank you, dear readers, for that. And kathy, for your huge warm generous heart, I thank you! I never imagined that blogging would connect me to so many special spirits, and ones who would reach out beyond this virtual world we inhabit, and touch my heart with a gesture like this.

Since it is friday, I will end with a haiku.

gratitude expressed
opening the dormant heart
yet another gift


Wayfaring Wanderer said...

I love getting those types of gifts in the mail. It's awesome that someone can get to know 'you' through a blog, and send you some of the most perfect items!

Jeane said...

I think this is an example of living life at 110% - the three of you taking the time to care enough -brava!

annette emms said...

Oh Kate! What special treasures.I can imagine your smile as you opened the package.
I, in turn am full of gratitude for your sharing this.x

Arnold Layne said...

The first picture is my favorite, but the box is beautiful as well - great story!

Arnold Layne said...

Kate, would you let me add you to my sidebar on my blog?

kate said... is awesome, isn't it!

jeane...nicely said! heart was smiling too!

arnold...I would be honoured for you to add me to your sidebar. Your blog is a delight to me. I've already added you to mine!


What beauty & texture emerges after some battering by the sea. I love sea glass, such beautiful colours.

Jo Horswill said...

Kate, this is so wonderful...these two in one gifts are the most special...treasure & friendship!!!
I love each and every image...and look forward to your next gift, oh I mean post :)

YogaforCynics said...

Wow, I love this stuff? How come nobody sends me stuff like that?

Probably because I'd just leave it lying around instead of creating what seem to be strange letters in alien languages and beautifully photographing them like you have.

Love the haiku, too.

Great blog.

notmassproduced said...

lovely gifts and lovely photos of lovely gifts

kate said...

embellisher...from battering to beauty!

jo...yes, I'm liking these "two in one" packages that I've been receiving lately! What a deal!

yogaforcynics...thanks so much for visiting and for your comments. I've moseyed on over to your blog and I think I may copy the last line from your post on depression and post it where I can see it: "And, in time, you’ll be gone, again. And I’ll still be here." Brilliant. I encounter that unwelcome guest myself on a regular basis and this line may be a life buoy in bleakness. Thanks!

kate...succinctly said. :)

seth said...

What a special and thoughtful gift!! And beautiful photographs of the treasures.

Jacky said...

What a wonderful, heartfelt gift.

Amazing treasures to behold!

Shayla said...

The agates remind me of amber and the red beach glass is rather hard to find. All of the goodies have such a tactile feel. How wonderful and generous! Nothing beats a parcel in the mail.

kate said...

seth...I really enjoyed photographing these treasures.

jacky..I agree!

shayla...yes, they reminded me of amber as well. When I was visiting the Baltic Sea I scoured the beaches looking for amber to no avail!

Anonymous said...

Kate, I have been meaning to tell you how beautiful the stones are. Aren't the colours amazing? And all nature's doing...

kate said...

jo...yes, I love the colours too.