Saturday, September 13, 2008


After viewing kate's post at this disordered life with tantalizing photos of her own process of unwrapping a lovely gift from lynne, I could remain patient no more! I gazed once more upon the beautifully wrapped shrouds and then carefully unwrapped each little bundle. Here is what I found...

turtle bone, blue ridge, VA
small, smooth, gentle s-shape with a slight twist

concretions, northern coast, olympic peninsula
petite masses, perfect spheres, nubbly to the touch

vertebra, WA
surprisingly light, slightly rough, interesting shapes best explored with eyes closed

beach glass, north beach west, port townsend, WA
humble gems, glowing, smooth, gentle clacking, soothing colours

mussel shell, sequim, WA
barnacles, beach fluff, calcium buds, crusted vessels, bruised pearlescent beauty

miscellaneous beach treasures, port townsend, WA
shell, worn ceramics, pebbles, cryptic patterns, muted colours

mouse bones, petroglyph cliffs south of klamath falls, OR
tinier than you would expect, detailed, delicate, elegant

lampwork bone, made by lynne
silky smooth edges, hard, subtle striations, crafted with care

Thank you, lynne.


lynne h said...

sheesh! i'm getting so much internet coverage i feel like a movie star!

thank you kate for the beautiful pics ... feel free to pass these on or use them as you see fit...


p.s. inside each concretion is a little creature or part of a creature (like a crab claw). the spheres of mud formed around the bit of whatever, which then became fossilized, and the ball of mud went on to became a round rock.

Robyn said...

How patient you have been! I don't think I would have been able to contain myself that long. Amazing treasures! What exactly are the concretions?

Anonymous said...

I feel like christmas, how beautiful are these things and so well wrapped. You must be I am inspired to wrap up the roo bones going to lynne.

notmassproduced said...

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Anonymous said...

oh kate, how lucky you have been. Those gifts are absolutely priceless. How does one find bones?

seth said...

Talk about a treasure chest! What incredible gifts of nature fcrom Lynne. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!

Jeane said...

finally! I have been waiting with bated breath! - bones! - glass - barnacles - I'm getting used to the bones everywhere with all the 'bone love' going on! geez, who knew about concretions! I will be looking for these everytime I hit the beach - I have some roundy rocks, maybe they are concretions! ....most of these things I've just been walking on, throwing back in the water or tossing out of the way, except the class bits - have to get my 'nature' on!


must look up & learn more about concretions.mouse bones...would like to see what you do with them. beach/sea glass is so beautiful, I've only found green sea glass.

mansuetude said...

ancient tender lovely. :)
i too am so thrilled to see it; someone loves the little details, don't you think!

kate said...

lynne...face it! You are a star! And thanks for answering the concretion question. Fascinating!

robyn...looks like lynne has answered your question!

grrl...thanks for visiting! I've taken a peek at your roo bones and they are lovely. Have fun wrapping!


jo...the best place to find bones, in my experience, is a wild area without much human activity. I seem to often find mine on rock outcrops, probably taken there by other wild animals or birds to eat the meat off the bones, leaving the bones for moi!

seth...a treasure chest it is! Popped into the Pulse today (as always) and am loving the studio spaces! your comments about "bone love"! You always make me laugh! And, yes, there is a lot of bone love going on. So get your nature on and join the love train!

embellisher...I may be contemplating those mouse bones for quite some time before deciding what to do with them, if anything. I may just gaze upon them from time to time! They are so small and delicate. The light green sea glass is one of my favourite colours!'s all about the details for me. Tender details. Thanks.

Terry Rafferty said...

Oh, I want to touch them all! Fabulous treasures indeed, and I love the way you have photographed them, with and without the wrappings.

Jacky said...

What fabulous treasures from Lynne. It must have been amazing opening all these wonderful treasures of nature, and all so beautifully wrapped.

kate said...

terry...yes, they have a different feel when nestled in their wrappings. really was an amazing experience unwrapping all those treasures!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Every photo I see... I repeat... Ohhhh...Ohhh... Ohhh...

Wow.. I just love it all to pieces!!!so wonderful, to show how you care for these treasures, in how you present them... so touching!!!