Wednesday, December 30, 2009

wasp nests

These are exquisite. Wasps nests are a form of paper made from wood pulp mixed with wasp saliva and layered into a nest. Why do I love them so much? All my favourite materials and forms...paper, wood, pulp, bodily fluids :), layers, nests. And in such a fragile form. How can you not be moved by them!

And the textures and layers and composition in these larger ones are truly abstract works of art.


Jo Horswill said...

Hi Kate...isn't Mother Nature something all artists need to love and adore!
I love what Matisse quoted;

"everything that will let him become one with Nature, identify himself with her, by entering into the things - which is what I call Nature - that arouse his feelings."

I found a huge nest once, so I know what they feel like too. This one is beautiful! Jo xx

lynne h said...

ah, i love them and they move me to no end, kate... do you know that i saw that tiny nest in the sidebar on my blog and my heart jumped. i recognized it instantly. : ) xo

kate said... the quote. May there be more wasp nests in your future! glad I could surprise you with an "old friend". They are absolutely wonderful and the smallest one is my favourite. It's absolutely perfect. Thank you.

layers said...

Yes, I also love wasp nests-- abandoned ones though :-)
and seed pods and all nature based-- for the textures and cycles.

Caroline said...

I'd never seen one up close. Amazing that a single word would be able to hold the gyrations and flight and sticking and poking and sealing that goes into it. The photo are so well done.

CTStudios said...

I just stumbled across your blog with my 'next blog' button, and WOW, how intriguing. I'm going to have to set aside some time and weed back aways. I see you haven't posted in sometime ... hope your continue again.