Saturday, December 19, 2009

speaking of paper...

Last night I was watching PBS and came across an incredible documentary on Independent Lens called Between the Folds. It was all about the process of origami and highlighted many aspects of paper-folding. From paper-making paper folders, to theoretical scientists using origami to solve physics and engineering problems, to educators using origami to teach geometry, to fine artists who fold their way to unique creations. I can't say enough about it...fascinating, inspirational, beautiful, elegant, delightful! Here is the trailer.

Although most of the origami world focuses on model-making and the technical aspects, there are some who elevate paper folding to a fine art form. One of my favourite segments was an interview with origami artist Paul Jackson, where he describes how just one fold can lead to many creative options.

He goes on to show his work with organic abstract forms. Although the more representative origami forms done by many of the artists are very impressive, these are closest to my heart! I have included some below. Go to his website to see more.

And here are some wonderful pieces from the artists of Crimp, a group of French paper crumpling artists.

vincent floderer

alexis merat

romain chevrier

Keep your eyes open for this film on PBS (or buy the DVD). It's wonderful! I am still tingling...


ArtPropelled said...

Oh wow, these pieces are phenomenal! Some of them look like wood sculptures.

layers said...

how absolutely fascinating-- I grew up in Hawaii making origami cranes but had no idea someone like Paul Jackson had turned it into an artform-- I will look for BETWEEN THE FOLDS.

Mare said...

Woo your job is amazing!I´m mexican and i don´t speak english but I ike your arts (: