Tuesday, December 29, 2009

more treasures by mail

As the new year approaches and I reflect on the past year there is so much to be grateful for. Including the generosity and thoughtfulness of blog friends. Before this year ends I want to thank lynne hoppe for another nature package she sent me back in the fall. We share a love of dead and decaying things! Time to unveil these delicate treasures!

unmistakably lynne!

owl pellet 1...bones, fur, evidence

owl pellet 2...tufted testament

outside part of a fawn's hoof...I'll take your word for it lynne!

bird skull...be still my beating heart

miniature wasp nests (more views in a future post)

portion of a larger wasp nest...with pine needles as extra support!

unidentified seed pods...ideas anyone? (more views in a future post)

thank you lynne
and happy new year


Jeane said...

hello Kate! okay, I know you two love these decaying things, and I'm probably one of the only people who gets that 'yew' feeling in my stomach looking at them, even though, somehow you've made them look beautiful, - beautiful, but yew! Happy New year dearest Kate!

lynne h said...

yes you *did* make them look beautiful, kate! even more beautiful than they are, which is not easy to do, i think...

can you believe that i didn't see this post until now - i came back to look at the wasps nests (in the post above) again, and somehow this time i saw this post!

you're so welcome for everything... really, i couldn't have *not* picked them up for you. these things all said 'kate'...

i wish you and jerzy the happiest of new years.


kate said...

jeane...once again, you've made me smile with your "yew"! I'm sure you are not the only one who gets that feeling while looking at something dead and decayed. I guess I'm just a bit of a weirdo :)

lynne (and fellow weirdo)...thanks again for thinking of me on your walks. You are often with me on my walks as well!

The happiest of new year's to you both! And to all!

kvk said...

exquisite images of exquisite objects. You have so perfectly captured this amazing treasure trove