Saturday, June 28, 2008

the trade!

Today was ATC (artist trading card) trade day in Dunvegan. I brought fellow Mouche Studio Gallery artist Joanna. She is a painter and jewellery designer here in Hudson. It was her first time at an atc trade so that made it even more fun. For us, it was a 50 minute drive from Quebec into Ontario and through the lovely rolling terrain of Glengarry County. The trade is held at the local community hall. Despite the rain today, there was a good turnout - 15 to 18 people. This is our process. We each lay our page(s) of ATCs on the table and spend time perusing one another's cards, admiring, and asking questions about technique or inspiration. Then the trading begins. Ronna usually announces the start of trading and then there is a flurry of frenetic trading which is over in about 10 minutes. A short period of refreshments and socializing follows and then we all leave, happy and content, returning to our regular lives. This whole process rarely exceeds an hour. And then we come back the following month and do it all over again! Actually, I left out one important step of the process. At least it is part of my process. Sitting down with a cup of tea and inspecting and sorting all your new cards when you get home.

My cards this month were watercolour experiments. I have never used watercolours before and this was a fun way to try them out and mess around a bit. These are the cards I traded today.

This is the second sheet of cards I made to trade.

And these are some of the cards I got in the trade!


Jo Horswill said...

Kate, I love the idea of ATC...Your cards are amazing...I see so much in them.
Loads of organic shapes, growth, life, mini artworks in themselves.
Your trade cards are wonderful...
I love the idea of making to give away...I think you may have inspired my next post!

kate said... I'm curious about your next post. As always, I'll be checking it out. If you are interested in atc swaps in your area, check out this link:

Or send some to us in Dunvegan! We will swap with you.

Ronna said...

Great trading, Kate!