Monday, June 23, 2008

...and more seeds

I am very much attracted to these wild cucumber seed pods which I find growing on vines in my backyard and around the area where I live. When they first come out, they are a fresh green and seem to burst with juiciness. But I like them best when they have withered and are shedding their skins. The outer skin is a bit fragile as it decays (although it has protective pricklies) but the inner pod is quite sturdy and you get a glimpse of the dark seed nestled inside through a transluscent web of skin. Delicate, mysterious, protectors. They look fascinating from all angles. I obsessively collect them even though I have no real plans for them yet. I've used a few of the inner pods in my reliquaries. One was just a skeleton, having lost its membrane. A wisp. A few years ago, I compressed a bunch of them in a shadow box with a glass lid. They look quite interesting like this. Beautiful but disturbing. They seem to be crying out with open mouths.


Jo Horswill said...

This "Seed" fling is just wonderful.
Great post Kate.
ps I just love Joni Mitchell! saw her in Melb 83!

kate said...

Jo...thanks for planting the "seed" seed! I think you started something.

Ronna said...

Very cool Kate!