Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I generally don't like masks. They scare me a bit. But I like making mask forms from plaster. I love the process. That element of trust and contemplation while under the plaster and the feeling of re-birth as it is peeled off. Once I have a mask I have little desire to embellish it. I like to leave them white...not so scary. But in the attempt to prepare for a mask-making workshop I am giving in October, I decided to do something with one of my white masks. I collaged it with some of the paper I had prepared in Haliburton and added a few extra elements. Here's the result. A little creepy I think...but I have only myself to blame :)


layers said...

I also am fascinated by masks but also find them a bit scary-- seeing previews to Friday the 13th on TV doesn't help!

Poetic Artist said...

Yes I am with you masks are a little scary..Is it because we can not see what it behind them?

marlana said...

Masks are good to hide behind, so the wearer can slip into different identity for a while. The masks we make are actually quite revealing!

kate said...

layers...yes, there are a lot of creepy things on television!

poetic artist...that could be part of it. As well, they often seem to be quite aggressive, which is alarming to me.

marlana...hmmm, you've got me thinking. I wonder what my mask says about me?